We believe every woman is created uniquely, beautiful in her own ways. Being the most confident self, bold, secure and truly free, bringing positivity into the lives around.

In free land aims to inspire a positive and confident ways of living and styling for every modern woman. Loving self, loving others.

Bringing you the fine pieces of jewellery.

We carry a wide selection of modern, minimal and demi-fine jewellery for everyday wear and
for every occasion.

Every piece of our jewellery is thoughtfully selected, designed and crafted. From timeless classics to bold statements, bringing you styles that truly satisfy your needs, leading to an effortless styling. Embracing
trendy elements and versatile designs, ensuring wearability and quality are met at the same time as well.

925 Sterling Silver

All of our jewellery are made from 925 Sterling Silver, with other hypoallergenic materials to ensure wearability, durability and quality.

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